Product Catalogue

SRFS Teleinfra provides world class products to the customers mentioned in the product catalogue link SRFS Teleinfra Product Catalogue ,   SRFS Teleinfra Profile& Product Catalogue,    Products Catalogue SRFS210202 ,   Cable Trays Catalogue, SRFS Teleinfra Test Cable Assemblies to 110 GHz-8 

We manufacture and import the telecom products such as Cable Assemblies, HLF Cable ,RG Cable ,Feeder Cable, SUCO Semi Rigid & Semi Flexible Cable, SMA Connector, BNC Connector, N Connector, Din Connector, MCX & MMCX Connector, SAA & SMB Connector, TNC Connector, EIA Flange Connector, FME Connector, SMP Connector, BMA & SMZ Connector, F Connector , UHF & Mini UHF Connector, GSM Antenna, GPS Antenna, Combo & Wi-Fi Antenna, 3G-4G Antenna, All Band (800 – 2500 MHz) Antenna, Low Pim In Building Antenna, RFID Antenna, Repeater Antennas 698 ~ 2700 MHz, Magnetic Base Antenna, Yagi Antenna, Horn Antenna, RF Adaptor, Sim Card Holder, DAS Antenna, Splitter, Coupler, RF Combiner & Splitter, RF Splitter(150-1000 MHz), RF Directional Coupler, Duplexer, Triplexer, Quadplexer, Hybrid Combiner, UHF Antenna, H.V. Connector/Adaptor, Panel Antenna, Parabolic Antenna, Smart Bias Tree, Ceramic Filter, Helical Filter, Dummy Load Termination, RF Attenuator, Solar Products, Waveguide Component, Tools & Accessories.