UFL IPEX Receptacle PCB Mount Connector

Product Specification



Working Voltage:




Contact Resistance:

10mA (max)



Body Metal Parts:

Brass With Gold Plated

Center Contact:

Phosphor Bronze with Gold Plated



Operating Temperature:

-40°C TO +90°C

Technical Components Specification:

UFL Connector:

The UFL connector or micro coaxial connector is a compact RF connector with a snap-on interface. It is commonly use for connecting antennas in tight spaces, offering flexibility and reliability in various electronic applications.

IPEX Connector:

The IPEX connector, or IPX or MHF, is a miniature RF connector commonly use in electronics. Its compact size makes it ideal for space-constrain applications, offering reliable connections for antennas and modules in various devices.

Receptacle Connector:

A receptacle connector is an electrical connector designed to receive a plug or a male connector. It provides a secure and reliable connection point, commonly use in electronics, ensuring efficient signal transmission and component integration.

PCB Mount Connector:

A PCB mount connector is designed for direct attachment to a printed circuit board (PCB). This connector type eliminates the need for additional wiring, providing a space-efficient solution for integrating components like antennas directly onto the PCB for seamless connectivity.

UFL Male Connector:

The UFL male connector is a specific type of UFL connector with a male interface. It is often use with UFL female connectors, providing a versatile and compact solution for creating reliable connections between components in electronic devices