GPS Antenna

SRFS Teleinfra manufacture and import GPS Antenna at reasonable prices. Our main goal is to provide the best product to customer. GPS Antennas stands for Global Positioning System. GPS Antennas give exact worldwide area and timing administrations to radio collectors or other electronic system dependent on signals got from circling satellites groups of stars.. We provide the product information such as : Frequency Range, Gain, VSWR, Polarization, Noise Figure, Impedance, DC Voltage, Lightning Protection, Power Consumption, Dimension , Connector ,Cable ,Radom Color, Radom Material, Mounting, Environmental Friendly, Operating Temperature. 

GPS antennas play a crucial role in receiving accurate positioning information from satellites for various applications. Whether you’re navigating a vehicle, conducting surveying work, or tracking assets, a high-quality GPS antenna is essential for reliable and precise positioning. In this article, we will explore different types of GPS antennas, their specifications, designs, and factors that affect their price.

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