RF Antennas

RF Antenna is used for electro-magnetic radiofrequency waves transmitters and receivers.

Rf antennas are a type of radiators in electric instruments, used to generate radio waves for use by radio receivers in communications equipment. They are formed with metallic materials and operate at the frequencies between 2.7 GHz and 300 GHz. This spectrum is often used in mobile phones as well as satellite radios and military radar systems.

A simple example of an RF antenna would be the receiver of your smart phone. A smartphone may also contain a built-in radio receiver such as a remote camera or microphone, making the phone act like a small antenna. In this case, the transmitter sends audio to various speakers in the phone and they then relay these voices back to the primary radio receiver.

For most people radio receivers are not necessary for their daily life, but for devices such as TVs and gaming consoles, they provide a big boost to their entertainment value. Without the radio receiver on these devices you will have to listen to them play music from different parts of your house via Bluetooth devices.

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