Omni Directional Antenna, Mimo Antenna, Patch Panel Antenna- 698 ~ 2700 MHz

The Omni Directional Antenna transmits and absorbs RF energy in an equal manner and provides a 360° radiation pattern, allowing connectivity in all directions.
The frequency range of the Omni Directional Antenna is 698-2700MHz, with a gain of 4dBi. We provide complete information on the product that we offer. Gain VSWR, Polarization Vertical, Horizontal Beam Width, Vertical Beam Width, Input Impedance, DC Ground, Max.Power, Connector Dimensions, Packing Size, Weight, Reflector Material, Radome Material, Operating Temperature, Rated Wind Velocity, Mounting Pole.

Patch Panel Antennas are similar to directional antennas that are utilized in small workplaces and for indoor and outdoor applications. We offer the greatest goods at a reasonable price.