HLF- LMR Cable


SRFS TELEINFRA provides  HLF/LMR LMR cable such as  Low loss flexible HLF/LMR 100 Coaxial cable,  HLF/LMR 195 Coaxial Cable, HLF/LMR 200 Coaxial Cable, HLF/LMR 240 Coaxial Cable, HLF/LMR 300 Coaxial Cable, HLF/LMR 400 Coaxial Cable, HLF/LMR Co-axial Cable( Aluminium Braid), HLF/LMR 500 Coaxial Cable, HLF/LMR 600 Coaxial Cable, HLF/LMR 900 Coaxial Cable. It is basically used to transmit the signal from one port to another.

SRFS is a leading HLF/LMR Cable Manufacturer and supplier in India and other countries. Choosing then wide range of HLF/LMR Cable. For more details visit the Website: www.srfsteleinfra.in or Call us: 7838349349 & Email Us: info@srfsteleinfra.in


1. What types of HLF/LMR cables does SRFS TELEINFRA offer?
SRFS TELEINFRA, a leading manufacturer and supplier, offers a wide range of HLF/LMR cables, including low loss, semi-rigid, and flexible options designed to meet various application needs.

2. Why should I choose SRFS TELEINFRA for my HLF/LMR cable needs?
As trusted manufacturers and suppliers, SRFS TELEINFRA provides high-quality RF cables known for their durability, excellent performance, and competitive pricing, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

3. How do I select the right RF cable for my application?
SRFS TELEINFRA’s experts can guide you in choosing the appropriate RF cable based on your specific requirements, such as frequency range, power handling, and environmental conditions.