5 dBi GSM Rubber-Duck Antenna with SMA Male Movable

Product Specification:


900/1800 MHz




≤ 1.5



Front to Back Ratio:

≥15 dB

Radiation Direction:

Omni Directional


50 Ohm

Lightning Protection:

DC Ground

Maximum Input Power:

50 W

Technical Components Specification:

The Rubber Duck Antenna, recognize for its distinctive form resembling a duck’s beak, is a compact yet highly effective antenna utilize in wireless communication. Within this category, the 5dBi Rubber Duck Antenna takes the spotlight, signifying a significant gain in signal strength compare to its counterparts.

Components Feature:

  1. Radiating Element: The core of the 5dBi Rubber Duck Antenna, the radiating element, is responsible for transmitting and receiving radio signals. Its design and length contribute to the antenna’s performance characteristics.

  2. Coil or Loading Coil: To achieve the desire electrical length within the confine physical space, a loading coil is often incorporate. This component aids in tuning the antenna for optimal performance.

  3. Connector: Typically, the Rubber Duck Antenna features a connector, such as an SMA or RP-SMA connector, allowing easy attachment to compatible devices.

  4. Base and Enclosure: The base provides structural support, and the enclosure protects the internal components from environmental factors. These components are crucial for the antenna’s durability and longevity.

  5. Whip or Radiator: The whip, also known as the radiator, extends from the base and is a critical component for achieving the desire wavelength. Its length contributes to the overall performance of the antenna.