Project Description

Located in suburban NCR within proximity of South and West Delhi and very close to the International airport, Gulf Adiba is a proposed IT/ ITES office complex located in Udyog Vihar Phase II, Gurgaon. Just 1km off the National Highway 8, the building is aptly positioned on a 4000 sqm industrial plot within a dense office complex site comprising of another similar milieu.

With a design brief of a contemporary, yet elegant and functional edifice that had to be Vaastu-compliant, the development is envisaged as a paradigm shift that moves away from the typical, closed, work environment that creates a stressful work eco-system. The lack of a site context with no significant views determined the design development as a distinctive, introverted-planned, environment-friendly, climate-responsive built volume with sufficient recreational spaces that would allow for employee-interaction, engagement and pleasurable workspaces of both private and public nature. The building norms, permissible ground coverage (40%), a height restriction of 30m and FAR (2), further led the design to be conceived as a private, calm and serene building spread across Seven floors and a stilted open space that frees up the ground to brings in light and air circulation.