6dBi 4G GSM Magnetic Antenna Spring Type

Product Specification:


800-2700 MHz


6 dBi


< 1.5

Return Loss:




Lightening Protection:

Direct Ground

Maximum Input Power:

100 W



Radiation direction:

Omni Directional


360°; V: 30°/40 °

Technical Components Specification:

4G Antenna:

4G antenna are purpose-built to harness the capabilities of fourth-generation technology, offering faster data speeds and improved network reliability. These antennas are crucial components in devices ranging from smartphones to dedicated routers, ensuring seamless connectivity in the era of high-speed wireless communication.

Spring Antenna:

Spring antenna stand out for their unique design, featuring a spring-like structure that imparts flexibility and resilience. This design allows them to withstand vibrations, shocks, and changing orientations, making them ideal for applications where durability and adaptability are paramount.

Magnetic Antenna:

Magnetic antenna are characterized by a magnetic base that allows for easy affixation to metal surfaces. This versatility makes them a popular choice for temporary installations, providing a convenient and efficient solution for enhanced signal reception.

6dBi Magnetic Antenna:

Antenna gain, measured in decibels (dBi), indicates the ability of an antenna to focus or amplify signals in a specific direction. A 6dBi magnetic antenna signifies an enhanced signal strength, leading to improved performance and extended range.